For the last seven days the Western air forces are pounding Libya, which has caused hundreds of civilian deaths. The disturbing aspect of this anti-Muslim campaign is that UAE and Qatar, two Muslim countries have joined the anti-Libya coalition. It is said that history repeats itself, and we are witnessing this repetition. In 1492, King Ferdinand II of Aragon and his wife Queen Isabella I of Castile conquered the Muslim city state of Granada. This was the last Muslim political stronghold in Spain. At that time Muslim unity in Spain was shattered; they were divided in small independent political entities. Ferdinand and Isabella played these city states against each other and encouraged them to fight till the last of the Muslim state was conquered and its ruler was banished from Spain. In 1499, the Muslims in Spain were given the option of conversion to Christianity or deportation; Spain became Muslim free. The Western allies in World War I applied a similar approach against the Ottomans. T.E. Lawrence wooed and won over the Arab support against Turkey and the Ottomans were defeated. The Arab lands were distributed among various tribes; since then the Middle East is passing through political turmoil and instability. We are witnessing similar events in the Middle East. The Christian West has initiated the policy of divide and defeat the Muslims in their heartland. The USA cobbled together a coalition against Iraq. Many Muslim countries provided forces, bases, political and financial assistance in the first US war against Iraq. The same pattern was repeated during the second war on Iraq and its occupation. The Islamic world collaborating and abetting in the American war against Iraq did not realise that those being killed mercilessly were brothers in faith. Afghanistan is enduring the occupation, Pakistan is almost daily being attacked by drones in which hundreds get killed, yet the Muslim Ummah is oblivious of the danger facing them. The NATO led by the US has mounted aerial attacks on Libya expressly to save the civilian population from Gaddafis forces, but so far they have killed them only. No human rights organisation has condemned this ruthless killing of the Libyan population by the US forces. Irony is that the champion of human rights - the UNO - has sanctioned this killing through the Security Council resolution. No one in the Muslim community has realised that the Russian Federation abstained from voting in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution. Had it voted against, the resolution would have been defeated. More so, Russia has played safe. It has not only shown that it does not like military action, but has also given its tacit approval by abstaining from voting in the UN. Russia is an Orthodox-Christian country with a long anti-Muslim history. Muslims were ruthlessly killed by Tsarist Russia and later by the Communist Russia. This destruction continued till the 20th Century, while the killings still continue in Chechnya. The truth is that the entire Christian world is united against the Muslims; the same sentiment that was at work during the early crusades. The domination of the Middle East is essential for three reasons - absolute control on its oil resources, domination of the trade routes, and most importantly, protection and defence of the state of Israel. To achieve these objectives, the West led by the US will go to any limit to create awe and fear in the region. The wars being conducted in the Middle East are a means to establish that state of fear. The ongoing anti-Muslim struggle is a planned strategy. William Guy Carr in his book, The Pawns in the Game, had predicted: World War Three will be fomented by stirring up differences between political Zionists and the Muslim leaders. The modern day neoconservatives, or neocons, of America are the political Zionists, who have dreamed of and set in motion the establishment of the American Century. These neocons are pro-Israel and vie for the economic domination of the world. They have cooked up terrorism, as the new ideological enemy after the demise of Communism and made it synonym with the Muslims. This new ideology has now become the reason for mounting assaults against the Muslim countries. The Raymond Davis case in Pakistan has disclosed the new strategy for waging wars, especially in the Muslim worlds. The political Zionists, who dominate and direct the US state apparatus, deploy secret agents in Muslim countries that cultivate, train, fund and control the dissident elements and unleash them to mount terror attacks in the public. These attacks are well planed and directed; the pattern suggests that these attacks aim to aggravate sectarian animosity among the population of the target countries. In Iraq, the Shia-Sunni conflict took a dangerous dimension; In Pakistan too, this trend is prominent. The recent spate of uprisings in Tunis, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar and now in Libya suggest that these did not take place out of the blue. One needs to analyse them dispassionately to really determine their causes. Those against whom these uprisings erupted were in control for decades, generally their subjects were peaceful. What events are circumstances that warranted sudden uprisings? One gets an uncanny feeling that these uprising have been stage-managed by the hidden forces, who want to further the Zionist agenda. William Carr said: The agentur of the Illuminati will stir up the differences in the Middle East before World War III. The uprisings in the Middle East are creating differences that provide reasons to the West to move in militarily in the Muslim world citing security concerns and kill the Muslim population at will. While the world in general and Muslims in particular watch with apathy. These political uprising are spreading; Syria is the latest victim. There is a grave danger that Israel will move into Syria militarily citing security fears. Thus, slowly the entire Middle East will be engulfed in a political turmoil providing raison detre to the American led Western coalition to attack Muslim counties. Hence, achieve their political and economic objectives in the region - control and domination of energy resources, trade routes and the security of Israel. Essentially, this strategy provides opportunities to Israel to expand territorially to accomplish its dream of Greater Israel. The Muslims have become pawns in the hands of the West like Spanish Muslims, who had fallen prey to the Ferdinand and Isabella tactics. The need of the time is that the Muslim must identify the forces acting against them and their motives. They must unite shunning all petty differences and put up a united defence against the collective forces, who have unleashed the modern day crusade against them. If the Muslims do not wake up to the danger facing them, they too will weep like the last King of Granada when he lost his kingdom. The writer is a freelance columnist.