ISLAMABAD – Renowned Pollen Allergy specialist in Islamabad Dr Rizwan Uppal said on Thursday that avoidance during pollen allergy season is better, easier, and cheaper than cure to follow.

Talking to PTV, he said pollen allergy is caused mostly due to hyper sensitiveness of immune system which results in pollen induce allergy adding whenever outside pollens or allergens enter human body, immune system recognizes them as invaders and releases chemicals that causes pollen allergy.

He said, “Pollen is a kind of thin powder which is very necessary for the growth of the flowers and plants present in the air and when it gets near our eyes and nose they cause irritation or allergy, so there should be some barriers to avoid them by wearing the masks, staying indoors, as pollens are microscopic particles so exposure should be limited to indoors.

He said during allergy season the clothes for drying should be limited to indoor; pets should be kept inside; car’s air conditioning should be avoided; hairs of the patients should be washed frequently.

Replying to a question, he said allergy can also be avoided by using pinch of olive oil inside the nose as there is a mucous around it adding that allergy is caused due to reaction of our immune system as it characterize allergy particles from the environment.

Replying to another question, he said that inspite of the growing awareness the number of the allergy patients is increasing due to environmental hazards, existence of non-energy houses, lack of ventilation, cockroaches etc. etc.

He added allergy and asthma are interrelated while asthama is caused due to breathing system, coughing, suffocation, veezing in late night.

As far as food intake during allergy is concerned, he recommended to concentrate on balanced diet, seasonal vegetation, fruits, non-use of processed food, maximum exercise habits as these are general practical tips to avoid pollen disease.

He maintained that we recommend mostly non-prescribed anti allergic tablets as they are available in the market but if the patient is on proper treatment than he should regularly visit his doctor.