LAHORE-PPP leader and former deputy opposition leader of Punjab Assembly, Shaukat Basra has said the functioning of the Caretaker set ups at the Federal and provincial levels reflected the maturity of the politicians because the completion of the process had surely set the ball rolling for holding free, fair and transparent elections in the country.

He said it was heartening to mention that the Army had reiterated its full support assuring that all possible steps would be taken to ensure law and order during the elections. This level of commitment of the army is appreciable, he added.

In a press statement on Thursday, Basra said that the Election Commission of Pakistan was fully equipped to hold elections in the country truly reflective of peoples’ mandate and their aspirations. The PPP leader expressed his complete satisfaction over the consensus which had emerged among the people on democracy and its indispensability for the survival, stability and prosperity of the country. This development will ensure the continuity of the democratic process in the country for all times to come, he added.

He recalled that the announcement of President Zardari regarding holding of elections on May 11, 2013, led to halting of the rumour mills which were running overdrive with mischievous conspiracy theories like Bangladesh model or Caretaker set up of technocrats for three years to undertake merciless accountability across the board.

He said that the protagonists of these formulas had been squarely marginalized. Political leadership is now focused to take part in the elections and has already started election campaign right across the country.

He was confident that the days of one man rule were over permanently in view of the political awareness among the people, robust civil society, free media and independent judiciary that had made abundantly clear that there was zero tolerance for unconstitutional and undemocratic political system in the country.