LAHORE – In order to ensure free, fair, impartial and transparent elections, the Election Commission of Pakistan has issued an order, according to which, the executive authorities in the Federation and in the Provinces, would not use state resources, anywhere in Pakistan, for unfair advantage of a particular candidate or political party, nor exercise undue influence, affecting the interest of a candidate or party, during the elections.

The order states that, if any person, in the service of Pakistan, misused his official position, in any manner, calculated to influence the result of the election, he would be tried by a Court of Sessions, as contemplated, under Section 95 of the Representation of the People Act, 1976 and, if found guilty of the offence, would be punished, with imprisonment for a term up to two years or with fine, or both.

The order has further elaborated that, after the issuance of schedule of general elections, the President, Prime Minister/Chairman/Deputy Chairman Senate, Federal Ministers, Ministers of State, Governors, Chief Ministers, Provincial Ministers and Advisors to Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers and other public office holders would neither visit the area of any constituency, nor would, openly or in secret, give any subscription or donation or make promise for giving such subscription or donation to any institution of a constituency, nor would inaugurate, commit to undertake or announce any development project, for the advancement of the campaign of a candidate of their choice, to influence the results of election. 

The order points out that these persons would also not visit any constituency or a polling station, after the issuance of schedule of election, till the completion of the poll.