ISLAMABAD - Prominent artist and social worker Jimmy Engineer on Wednesday said that his visit to Indonesia and Singapore was to project soft image of Pakistan through his art work.

Jimmy, while talking to APP, said that during the goodwill visit, his work was acknowledged by the art lovers of the two countries.

"My main mission was to promote soft, positive and moderate image of Pakistan before the comity of nations through paintings," he said on his return.

He said that he participated in a group exhibition of Pakistani artists entitled "A Glimpse into Pakistani Art Works", organised by the Pakistan Embassy at the prestigious Indonesian National Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Paintings by the noted artist Ghulam Rasool, Pakistan's Ambassador to Indonesia Sanaullah and his wife, Pakistan's Ambassador to the Netherlands Fauzia Mazhar Sana, and Ayesha Khan, a Pakistani artist who is living in Indonesia, were also displayed in the exhibition.

Jimmy Engineer recalled that a stamp designed by him about 22 years ago was issued by Pakistani and Indonesian post offices on August 19, 1991 to commemorate the Indonesia-Pakistan Economic Cultural Cooperation.

He, however, added that this was his first visit to that country.

He said that during his three-stay in Jakarta, he visited the Central Post Office and was very happy to see the stamp he had designed.  Jimmy said that the Pakistani Embassy planned to hold a solo exhibition of his art work in the Indonesian National Gallery later this year.

He claimed that his art work fetched higher price in the international market than those of living or deceased Pakistani artists. That was why he preferred to display canvas prints of his paintings, both within Pakistan and abroad, to ensure that no damage was done to the original ones.

Jimmy said that in Singapore, his solo art show "A Colourful Journey of Pakistan" was held at the Art Front Gallery of Singapore Management University in collaboration with the Pakistan High Commission. More than 50 prints of his selected art work, including the famous Pakistan Movement series of huge paintings and architectural compositions, were displayed in the exhibition.

Jimmy Engineer said that the art exhibitions in Jakarta and Singapore were quite successful and largely attended by local artists and art lovers, Pakistani community members and Ambassadors of different countries posted there.

He said that he tried to promote soft, positive, moderate and progressive image of Pakistan and its people through his paintings.