PRINCE William has handed in his notice.

The British royal - who’s expecting his first child with wife Kate Middleton - has submitted his formal notice with the Search and Rescue Force at Royal Air Force Valley in Anglesey, Wales.

The helicopter pilot’s current tour with the RAF concludes this summer. “William is ready to take on new challenges - as a royal and within the armed forces,” a source said. “He will be making an announcement within the next month and leave RAF Valley around the time of the birth.”

Meanwhile, Kate has altered her typical workout routine of strenuous cardio for something a bit easier on the baby.

“Kate has a yoga instructor visit her at the palace,” a source said, adding that she still goes for long walks a handful of times a week, just to increase her heart rate a little. She’s been reading as much as possible, from how to be a good parent to how to stay healthy for the baby.” Kate has reportedly receiving deliveries from Amazon on a daily basis. “It’s probably her favorite shop in the world,” the source adds. “She buys a lot! She’s got sugar on the brain. Chocolates, biscuits, cake.” When she sneaks off to a nearby Starbucks for a decaf coffee, she’ll often pick up a baked good!”                               –SS