OKARA - People’s Students Federation’s office-bearers and workers protested outside the Okara Press Club against nomination of Shafiqa Sikandar, the wife of former defence minister Rao Sikandar Iqbal, as PPP candidate for NA-144 seat.

PPP city Secretary General Nazeer Hafeez, Chaudhar Anwar Sohna of People’s Youth Organisation, Malik Shahid Salim Nounari, Asif Khan Baloch and Haji Azam Khan led the protest. The protesters said the “hypocrisy” which Rao family showed against Benazir Bhutto cannot be forgotten. They said if the Rao family is imposed on PPP workers, it should be noted that Okara was a mini Larkana.

“From here (Okara), a never ending rebellion will sprout.

Hundreds of workers besides staging a set-in outside Zardari House in Okara will not hesitate from committing self immolation. The protesters strongly demanded that President Zardari should give the ticket to Chaudhry Sajjadul Hussan.