LAHORE –Two women and a teen boy committed suicides separately over domestic disputes in the city on Thursday, police sources said.

A 13-year-old boy hanged himself with the ceiling fan after being admonished by his mother in the Factory Area police limits.

The family told the police that Sheroz ended his life after his mother rejected his demand for cash. The resident of Sialkot, Sheroz, had been staying at the house of his uncle in the Peer Colony along with his mother. The bereaved mum lost her mental balance after watching his body.

In another incident, the mum-of-two committed suicide by setting herself on fire in Tajpura Scheme in the Ghaziabad police limits. Thirty-year-old Amra Bibi torched herself after dousing petrol in the kitchen, a police investigator said. “We could not find out the motives, which compelled the lady to set herself on fire. But we can confirm that the mother of two committed suicide,” an on-duty officer at the Ghaziabad police station said. The burnt woman was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead. Police handed over the body to family without autopsy.

Meanwhile, a widow committed suicide by swallowing poisonous pills at her house in the Liaqatabad police area. The family told the police that Sughran Bibi had been upset since the death of one of her five children. On the day of incident, the resident of Pindi Rajputan, Sughran, confined herself to a room and consumed poisonous pills.

The police handed over the body to her children without autopsy.

WOUNDED: Four members of a family sustained serious injuries when a train smashed into the car in the Mughalpura area on Thursday morning.

Police said a car-rider, later identified as Ejaz, along with his wife and two children tried to cross the open railway track when all of a sudden a train hit the car at the Karachi Phatak in the Mughalpura police area.

As a result, Ejaz, his wife, Fazeela, and children Sumaira and Kashif received injuries. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital, where their condition was said to be out of danger.

FIRE: A 30-year-old man was burnt when fire broke out in his house in the Sanda area. Farooq Tufail, a resident of Chota Sanda, was asleep in the bedroom when suddenly fire erupted in the house because of short-circuiting. The injured was admitted to a local hospital in serious condition.