Problems facing the Ummah are complex and varied, warranting a collective endeavor of all Muslim countries to join hands in finding a credible solution, through a process of broad-based consultation, negotiation and dialogue.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has appointed Mr. Iyad Amin Madani as 10th Secretary General on January 1, 2014. The leader of OIC has to prove that the collective voice of the Muslim world is heard in global politics. He will ensure to preserve and protect vital economic, strategic interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony. The OIC has the responsibility of confronting the political issues facing Member States that undermine their freedom, affect their destiny and threaten their very existence.

The new Secretary General would deliberate upon the threats of fragmentation and sedition being faced by the Muslim Ummah and come up with a viable strategy for damage reduction. The OIC is mandated to safeguard dignity, independence and national rights of all Muslim peoples. It has let pass one catastrophe after the other; emerging weaker after each fiasco. However, there have been attempts to revitalize the OIC; many Muslim leaders gave a wake-up call for restructuring and reforming the OIC. The new leader has to implement decisions of commission of eminent persons, with suggestions to revitalise the OIC. The new leader has to expedite 10-year strategy plan initiated for Islamic renaissance and surmounts formidable challenges chivvying the Muslim Ummah.

Ten billion dollars were allocated for this purpose yet the OIC has not spent a single penny on the hapless refugees of Afghanistan and Syria or the downtrodden Myanmar Muslims. He should accelerate his strategy to counter the spreading ‘Islamophobia’, the question of Palestine, the rights of Muslim minorities and communities, and reject unilateral sanctions against Muslim countries. The OIC member states have enormous resources which can be used for progress and prosperity of all, provided peace and stability prevails in these countries. The new leader must turn challenges into opportunities and act quickly and collectively.

The Muslim World is faced with grave political, socio-economic, cultural and scientific challenges, peace, security, underdevelopment, nuclear proliferation, terrorism and extremism. The world order and global peace cannot be restored without addressing the conflicts that beset the Islamic world. New Secretary General of OIC should his focus efforts on poverty eradication, human development for peace and prosperity in the world and project Islam as a peaceful religion.

The Secretary General has to address these formidable threats soon and he should erect an unbreakable edifice of Muslim Ummah so that the Muslim Ummah may stand against their adversaries in global politics and collectively preserve their vital economic and strategic interests. We all pray that good sense prevails.


Sukkur, March 24.