LAHORE - Awami Muslim League (AML) chief, Shaikh Rashid Ahmed was allowed by the Foreign Office to travel to Canada immediately after he held a press conference blaming the federal government for his offloading from the Canada-bound PIA flight.

Addressing a press conference at provincial capital on Friday, Rashid alleged the federal government of stopping him from traveling to Canada by using the Foreign Office.

However, immediately after Rashid finished the press conference, he received a phone call and told the reporters that it was from the office of Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz and the caller informed that the restriction against him had been lifted and he was allowed to travel to Canada.

AML chief claimed that he was barred from traveling on the direction of US officials and demanded that the Foreign Office would have either to condemn this act or seek an apology from him.  He said he would visit the Foreign Office on Monday to lodge his protest on this shameful act.

He claimed that the Canadian Embassy had written him a letter containing that he had a valid travel documents so he did not require any No Objection Certificate to travel to Canada.

Calling the foreign policy pursuers as political clowns at the Foreign Office, he held them responsible for this incident and said that they did not have the guts to seek an apology from the US Embassy.

Rashid said purpose of his visit to Canada was to meet Dr Tahirul Qadri and address a public meeting.  On this occasion AML chief also accused the federal ministers of receiving massive kickbacks in importing LNG from Qatar.

He demanded of the government to decrease prices of oil, gas and petrol after dollar price had fallen to Rs 98.