LAHORE - Humaima Malick after becoming the Pakistan ambassador for WWF is all set to speak at the Sindh Assembly about Pakistan’s environmental concerns. She has been publicly speaking on behalf of WWF voicing the issues that Pakistan needs to be dealing with. She will focus on WWF’s global initiative ‘Earth Hour’ and introduce the idea if conserving energy in a country like Pakistan.

Humaima has been quoted as saying,’ The Earth Hour is a global initiative. For a country like Pakistan that has been dealing with energy problems for over a decade, it is essential that all of us take steps individually at our homes to preserve and conserve energy, Pakistan is country stricken by an energy crises, the first step to deal with this is creating awareness and I will in collaboration with WWF, speak on various avenues to get the message across.’

WWF is a global organisation concerned with preserving the environment and various habitats and the creatures within it. WWF chose Humaima Malick to be the voice of Pakistan. Apart from being a seasoned well known actress, she is also a socially responsible citizen who has a certain drive to take up such initiatives. The event at the SIndh Assembly will be attended by Parliamentarians, Corporate Entities, WWF Team and Earth Hour Celebrity Ambassadors. Humaima Malick in furthering WWF’s Earth Hour initiative will be discussing Pakistan’s energy crises at length and ways of dealing with it on a large scale.