In the eyes of a common man Punjab enjoys the reputation of a province where the governance level is relatively better than the other provinces. But the suicidal incidents of women, consecutively taking place in the recent days, including the one in front of CM house as reported in the national press leaves much to be desired. This incident shows that the Punjab Police did not helping the victim, Abida Parveen they siding with the guilty party. The most shame full act was that the guards standing outside the CM residence did not avoid the incident, I understand that their duty is to guard the CM but they are human beings, and as human beings we expect them to help someone in need, or have they lost all sense of humanity?

The CM who calls himself ‘Khadama Alla’ only is the khadim (servant) of his own greed. Why did he not hang all those standing there, watching a women set fire to herself? Where was he? This is a glaring example of a failed judicial system and the lack of a rapid complaint addressing mechanism which should be in place for those who are brave enough in this country to ask for justice. It is also a fact that our rulers are not accessible to the common citizens as they portray. They hide behind high walls of protocols and security to prevent the common man from reach them and then they ‘Take Notice’ what good is that for the victims? What are these tall claims of good governance?

If truth be told our rulers are so busy in the national and international affairs that they don’t have time to listen to the common man’s grievances. If this situation persists the suicidal incidents outside the rulers’ palaces will increase until their clamor and cries break down the walls of Jericho. What is urgently required is a well designed system within the precincts of PM House and CM Houses that could quickly respond to the grievances of a common citizen, particularly the ones needing attention on ‘SOS’ basis.


Lahore, March 23.