PESHAWAR- Professor Ibrahim member Taliban Committee has said, Taliban fully stand by ceasefire accord and they have not fired even a single bullet after the ceasefire has been put in place.

“Matter of ensuring the implementation of ceasefire was discussed with Taliban Shoora during face to face meeting. Taliban had not shot a solitary bullet after the enforcement of ceasefire”, he said this in his exclusive talks with a private TV channel today. There is no substance in the reports of any deadlock in the talks between government and Taliban, he held. Dialogue process is moving ahead in positive manner between them, he underlined. The process of freeing the prisoners will begin soon from both sides, he hoped.

Both the committees will soon leave for tribal area to hold meeting with Taliban, he held. Attack on Raza Romi, anchor person of a private TV channel is condemnable, he underscored. It is responsibility of state to ensure security of media outlets and media men, he stressed. Polio eradication campaign received a serious set back in the country due to Dr Shakil Afridi, he said adding the issue of polio eradication campaign will also be discussed in the next session of face to face meeting with Taliban Shoora so that the children from tribal areas could be protected against permanent disability.