ISLAMABAD- PPP Human Rights cell, has called the award of death sentence to Sawan Masih of Joseph colony an apparent miscarriage of justice , which will further marginalise the minorities.

The Central Coordinator Dr Nafisa Shah said "This seems to be a case of adding insult to injury, or might is right, as instead of punishing those behind the Joseph colony conflagration the courts have punished someone through a law that is usually misused against minorities."
"More than 100 houses, besides schools, hospitals were torched and no one seems to have been punished for these cruel acts," says Dr Nafisa Shah."This will only encourage mob extremism against the minorities as the recent example of dharmashala in Larkana demonstrates" she added.

It is universally agreed that in most cases the present blasphemy law made during Gen Zia's dictatorship, has been misused against the Minorities.   It is therefore no surprise that the State institutions including judiciary seem to be surrendering to the fanaticism and bigotry generally. The HR cell has called upon all political parties to devise legislation to stop the misuse of the blasphemy laws and particularly called upon the legal community to ensure right to fair trial is ensured and that minorities are protected against discrimination in such cases.