LAHORE - The provincial government has launched Punjab Transport Infrastructure Management System in all the 36 districts.

Adviser to Punjab CM Khawaja Ahmed Hassan said on Friday that the new system will help the public at large in order to obtain information regarding bus terminals and facilities available there, journey planner, and various routes of public transport across the province.  

“Today E-Governance in the province of Punjab is vital for the economic growth that is aimed at improved public service delivery to the general public, prompt decision making and for maintaining high standards of transparency,” he held after inaugurating the PTIMS at Chief Minister Secretariat 90- Shahra-i-Quaid-i-Azam.

Ahmad Hassan said that best transport system of any developed country reflects the discipline and civilised behaviour of its citizens.

Transport Secretary stated that the system will ease the transport related development decision making across the Punjab.

“There is an estimated 76,000 vehicles plying on inter and intra City routes, around 371 bus terminals and information of 900 routes have been updated on this transport management system which can be easily accessed on the website as well as through android applications. All the bus terminals will be effectively monitored and feedback will be obtained to bring further improvement in the transport system.  It will provide a platform for transport department, its allied subsidiaries provincial transport authority, district regional transport authorities, Lahore transport company that will ensure the efficient regulation of transport infrastructure,” he said.

Munawar asks govt not to become ‘puppet’ of IMF

JI chief, Syed Munawar Hasan has warned the PML-N government against acting as “puppet” in the hands of IMF for putting the future generations in the slavery of Zionist monetary institutions.

Addressing a meeting on Friday, Munawar further warned the PML-N government that it had surpassed all previous governments in IMF slavery and poor people were already crushed under the heavy burden of IMF-imposed taxes and poverty, while the Zionist controlled body was forcing Pakistan on more anti-people measures.

He remarked that the privatisation had never been done in the interests of the nation and people, since its aim was to give national institutions in the ownership of greedy capitalists.

Munawar said as long as interest based economic system was not changed and reliance on foreign loans was not given up, country’s economy would never be able to recover from the crisis.