Islamabad - A female teacher waiting to be promoted to the next grade will retire on March 30 in the same grade.

The Departmental Selection Board (DSB) of Capital Administration and Development (CADD) again failed to meet and recommend the promotion of approximately over 50 employees of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), and Polyclinic who have been waiting for promotions from grade 18 to grade 19.

The meeting was convened on March 26, but it was postponed due to incomplete documents of the candidates, as their respective departments failed to complete despite the lapse of one year. The meeting of Departmental Selection Board (DSB), which should be held twice in a year, has not been able to meet since January 19, 2014.

The female Assistant Professor of Islamabad Model Postgraduate College for Girls F-7/4 (Margalla) who is going to retire on March 30th is among the 12 female, and five male college teachers who are waiting for the promotion board to meet. Her promotion is due for the last one year.

Authorities dealing the promotion cases take it just for granted without considering the overall effect on the teachers. “No one can imagine the injured feelings of an ill-fated professor who is going to retire and suffering from the pangs of separation from her students, colleagues, institution on the one hand and denial to promotion in the next grade on the other,” regretted Professor Yasmeen Bokhari, Islamabad Model College for Girls (postgraduate) F-7/4.  

Teachers have been waiting for their long awaited promotion, which is the only charm that a government servant finds in the entire span of his service. It is especially worth mentioning that the teachers’ promotions are already extremely slow and generally they wait for 20 years in the same grade. Most teachers, unfortunately, serve in a single grade for, at time, about 20 or more years, but their turn for promotion never comes, and for this reason, besides many others, the education department is facing brain drain, many a good teachers have left this profession for good because they find no opportunity for progress and prosperity here.

“This situation badly damages their willpower regarding their professional assignments and raises the level of disappointment. Bureaucracy of this country doesn’t realise that the teachers who are already leading their lives from next to nothing consider their promotion day a ‘Big Day’” remarked another teacher.

There is a deep anger and wave of frustration among the teachers particularly because they are often ignored, discouraged, humiliated, and demoralised by the sanguine mentality of the bureaucrats holding the high offices. They believe the teachers are not, usually, treated the way other civil servants are favoured. Ignoring and discouraging teachers is no service to the national cause; rather it is a crime of national scale being tactfully carried out for damaging the intellectual heads of this society.

“It is a law of the jungle here, alone the officers of occupational groups enjoy maximum of the benefits, rather more than often they garner for themselves even the undue share, whereas the teachers are deliberately deprived of their fundamental rights. Disfranchising the teachers in the promotions provokes anger and disappointment in the teachers who are already marginalized and put against the wall.”

The teachers of the government colleges of the city are thinking on various lines for demonstrating their protest, because in this society of might is right, just rights can be grabbed through the use of force alone, remarked an office bearer of teachers’ association.

The concerned departments have been asked to complete the records of the prospective candidates, maintained CADD Secretary Khalid Hanif. He said, “As soon the documents are complete, the meeting will be called to process the cases.”