LAHORE - A 35-year-old woman ended her life after swallowing poisonous pills at her house in Shafiqabad, police sources said on Saturday.

The family told the police that Mumtaz Bibi took poisonous pills at her house in Khokhar Town on early Saturday. She was immediately rushed to hospital, where she expired later.

The ill-fated mother had lost her mental balance following the death of her one and a half-year-old son. A couple of months ago, her baby was playing in the kitchen when, all of a sudden, a pot of boiling milk fell on him.

The boy had sustained multiple wounds and died at the hospital later on. A family member of the deceased said that the lady was in shock since she lost her only son as she could not recover from the tragedy. The police handed over the body to heirs without autopsy.

Another two Youhanabad

victims die: The death toll in Youhanabad bombings swelled to 21 as another two victims expired at the Lahore General Hospital on Saturday.

Hospital sources said that the condition of three of the wounded is said to be serious and doctors are struggling hard to save their lives. Those who succumbed to injuries in the hospital on Saturday were identified as Noor Din, 34, and Shamim Bibi, 43. The police handed over the bodies to the families.

Taliban suicide bombers struck two churches in the city’s largest Christian neighbourhood back-to-back on March 15. The blasts had left 15 persons dead and more 70 others wounded including women and children. The terror attack had ignited violent protests, which spread to the most populous divisional headquarters of Gujranwala, Sargodha, and Faisalabad.