PESHAWAR - The repatriation process of Internally Displaced Persons to North Waziristan will begin on March 31, with a conditional agreement drafted by North Waziristan's political administration and some tribal elders.

The eight-page draft of agreement contains two parts: one for the political administration and the other for IDPs to abide by after they return to their homes. The agreement was drafted by the political administration but it is yet to be agreed upon.

The initial draft of the agreement stated that after IDPs return to North Waziristan, they are to abide by the Constitution of Pakistan, Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) and local customs and traditions at any cost.  It further said that the IDPs are not to shelter or protect enemies of Pakistan or allow their soil to be used by any foreigners or locals to destabilise the country.

Furthermore, the draft stated that whoever is involved in supporting or helping banned organisations will be arrested and handed over to law enforcing agencies and that the locals will not be allowed to let any banned outfit operate in their areas. The document also stated that identifying and handing over miscreants to law enforcing agencies will be the responsibility of the locals; otherwise the local will be exiled and the property of miscreants will be sealed by law enforcing agencies.

The drafted agreement also suggests ban on heavy arms, and the local will be responsible to hand over the ammunition.