ISLAMABAD - Indus River System Authority (IRSA) has ruled out any shortage of water for Kharif crops.

Sources said senior provincial authorities of IRSA and Met office authorities held an important meeting with reference to availability of water for Kharif crops.

Met office told the meeting 109 acres feet water flow will continue in four rivers of the country in Kabul, Chenab, Sindh and Jhelum from April, 1 to September, 30. 13 million acre feet water flow will drop into river Sindh via Kotri barrage and the remaining 96 million acre feet will be distributed among all the four provinces. Punjab will acquire 34 MAF water for sowing and harvesting the next crop. IRSA is convinced Mangla and Tarbella is being filled as per its stipulated capacity of 13.1 MNF despite apportionment of water among the provinces. IRSA functionaries will hold another meeting in Islamabad on April, 1 to  devise ways and means to ensure implementation of formula on water distribution among the four provinces as per 1991 pact.