LAHORE  - Members of the Lahore Gymkhana Club signed on Saturday a resolution calling upon the chairman and the committee of management to announce the election schedule immediately to prevent any “unintended consequence”.

The exercise will continue on Sunday to muster more support for the demand.

There are 5,400 voting members of the club.

Conflicting claims were made about the number of the resolution signatories on Saturday.  While those demanding polls said nearly 600 people signed the resolution, sources close to the management said they were not more than 80.

The supporters of the fresh election call say they will take the matter to court in case those who are supposed to make arrangement for the elections did not heed.

Sources close to the management, however, say there is no justification for anyone to seek fresh election as the sitting office-bearers have another two years to hold their positions.

The resolution signed on Saturday said: “The present chairman/ COM (committee of management) have not shown due respect to the members of the club, an old tradition of gentlemen’s club, as they are refusing to hold election to the COM.

“They have been giving the story that the elections cannot be held until Articles are approved by the registrar, although last year elections were held, even though the issue with the registrar was in correspondence.

“Now that the Articles have been approved by the registrar, almost a month back, the club management is still quiet and has not yet announced the election schedule.

“The undersigned members feel that the COM is illegally handling affairs of the club, including funds, without any legal mandate of the members to the COM, which expired on 31 December 2014.

“We, therefore demand that the chairman/ COM should respect the wishes of the members, who have collected today and signed this resolution, to announce the election immediately without any further delay, in order to prevent any unintended consequences”.

Mian Misbahur Rehman, the chairman, refused to offer any comment on the demand.