S:     Could you please stop humming that infernal tune, it is all people have been doing these days. I understand India lost, but why is everyone celebrating like Pakistan won? Shouldn’t we be supporting a fellow South Asian team? It’s not like their losing helped us in the tournament or anything, it is being done out of spite. It’s not nice, celebrating somebody else’s misfortune.

A:     Oh come on, live a little. It’s just friendly banter, and don’t forget they are the ones who started it with those ads, I’m just enjoying the poetic justice. Plus sports are nothing without rivalry; all that passion gives it drama, an edgy feeling. That is the point at the end of the day isn’t it, get adrenaline pumping?

S:     Of course it is, but sometimes that passion takes us too far doesn’t it. Look at Virat Kholi and Anushka Sharma, they seem to have become the centre of all blame related to India’s loss. I understand that Virat didn’t play well that match, but what is Anushka’s fault? See when we inject too much passion, too much pressure into sports and make it a matter of life and death then such incidents happen; people get caught in the crossfire.

A:     Don’t tell me you feel bad for Kohli and Anushka. They are celebrities; dealing with the public’s ire is part of the job description. They get to live the grand life, the kind only a top Indian cricketer or a Bollywood actress can live, they are worshiped by millions, and I don’t mean that figuratively. Handling a Twitter barrage isn’t too much of a cost to pay. They expected this, all Indian cricketers did, as did the Pakistani team when they lost. They knew they would face a reasonable amount of backlash.

S:     Reasonable amount? People broke their television sets and burned edifies of the Indian team. Security had to be deployed outside Dhoni’s house. Explain to me how any of this is reasonable.