LAHORE - PML-Q president Ch Shujaat Hussain has stressed upon the OIC to take immediate steps to save Middle East from war by mediating into Saudi-Yemen conflict.

Commenting over the Saudi Arabia’s fears concerning Yemen rebels on Saturday, he said Saudi Arabia is also an Islamic country and every Muslim is duty bound to protect Haramain Sharifain.

He urged the need for evolving a justifiable solution of Yemen dispute through OIC and Arab League and expressed the confidence that ruler of Saudi Arabia Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud possesses such leadership and statesmanship capabilities that he would succeed in solving crisis in a commendable manner.

Shujaat said Pakistan has always played effective role over and above sectarianism to stop the Muslims from internal conflict and bloodshed. The incumbent government should also work with the same spirit, he added.

Expressing heartfelt sympathies for Pakistanis besieged in Yemen, PML-Q chief said the government should take most immediate measures for the evacuation of their nationals from the war-torn state.