Rawalpindi - The district education department in an unprecedented move has asked the newly recruited educators to sign an undertaking that they will not resist if they are removed from schools of their choice in case a senior educator is selected in the same school.

This step of DED has created a wave of panic among the newly selected educators, both male and female, of the district who expressed their deep concern over the undertaking.

The district education department called all the newly appointed educators across the district at Government Denies Higher Secondary School on Friday last and asked them to choose the schools of their own choice.

However, the educators were shocked when the officials of DED provided them with a form directing them to give an undertaking that they would not put any resistance or go into litigation if the DED replaces them with their seniors having high marks in merit list. They alleged that by this the DED would dole out schools among their blue-eyed or those having political backing.

Similarly, a state of uncertainty and confusion has been prevailing over the recruitment process as the selected recruiters and their parents are facing huge difficulties in searching their names in the lists displayed at Government Denies Higher Secondary School.

“What should I do now? I have been left with no other option than to sign the undertaking. The DED is not accepting our forms without signing the undertaking,” said a female educator of Kahuta on request of anonymity. “All this is like a sword of uncertainty hanging over me. Though I have been selected yet it is not sure whether or not I will be allotted school of my own choice,” she said.

Executive District Officer (Education) Qazi Zahoor ul Haq, when contacted, said that all what was being done was as per discipline. He said that several people approached court over the recruitment process and the court has also laid down its verdict against the education department. “However, we would go into appeal soon,” he added.

He did not reply and disconnected the phone when asked why district education department (DED) was taking undertaking on a plain paper from educators despite putting their names in final merit lists.