According to Media reports at least over 100 mostly women and children are killed and 340 are wounded ,some very serious condition by one suicide bomber carrying about 10 Kg deadly explosive. Due to public holiday and Easter Sunday celebration there were more people in the Park then normal days.

Jamaat -ul-Ahrar a faction of Talibans has claimed responsibility, while challenging the Prime Minister that he cannot stop more such attacks, they intend to carry out in Lahore. The pertinent questions are it was not possible to preempt the attack? Why the Punjab Anti terrorist agency was not monitoring the JUA activities? Who is responsible for the loss of innocent people lives? What moral justification Punjab government have not to resign? That is what is expected from dignified politicians? By ignoring the presence of terrorists in Punjab and not implementing National Action Plan, Are Punjab government is not playing in directly the role of facilitators?


Lahore, March 28.