The latest bloody slaughter of humans in Lahore revealed heartless cruelty of those who claimed to have carried it out. The so called banned parties who keep on carrying out these atrocities of senseless killing of innocent civilians cannot be excused by any means. Strong action must be taken by the authorities in curbing such bloody actions by brutal parties. What is the good of making orange trains if innocent civilians are to be killed like sparrows by so called banned parties. Simply banning such parties is not enough unless these groups are eliminated by strong measures.

A Govt. unable to safeguard the lives of citizens has no right to stay in power and ought to resign in the face of their incapacity. Pakistan would be seen in a worse light of hundreds of its citizens being killed including women and children. We ought to close all parks in the city if the Govt. could not ensure safety of citizens during their visit to such parks. Extra ordinary steps are required in views of extraordinary circumstances in the country. To lose three out of five children of a family in a visit to the park is an unheard of incident in the world and Govt. must take such steps to stop such incidents by undertaking effective measures to protect the lives of citizens as they have no right to rule the country in such conditions as enough is enough.


Lahore, March 28.