Director General Inter Services of Public Relations (ISPR) Asim Bajwa said arrest of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav is a huge success for Pakistan. While addressing a press conference he said it’s seldom that a serving spy of a country of this high caliber is arrested.

During the press conference the DG ISPR and Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed showed a video of the arrested RAW agent to the media.

In the video Yadav reveals his story of working in Indian navy, with his retirement in 2022. He describes how he visited Pakistan on numerous occasions in 2003 and 2004.

“I was hired by RAW in 2013 as the head of operations in Balochistan and Karachi and assisting BLA was also under my responsibilities,” Yadav said. “I was assigned to give financial support to Baloch insurgents, killing of Pakistanis, destroying the sensitive installations in Balochistan, and conducting bomb blasts.”

He continued: “I was arrested on March 3, 2016 near the Pak-Iran border by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. After knowing that I was being arrested by the Pakistani intelligence agency and that all my plans have been compromised, I disclosed my Navy identity. Following this the Pakistani agencies have treated me very well.”

In the video Yadav says that he is still a serving officer of Indian Navy and his main aim is to destroy peace in Pakistan. “For this purpose RAW is supporting Baloch insurgents. I have been in direct contact with Joint Secretary of RAW Aneel Kumar Gupta,” he said.

The DG ISPR further revealed that Yadav was directly handled by NSA chief, RAW chief and a specific Indian minister.

“Yadav took the cover of a Muslim and came to Karachi and brought the scrap from Karachi port. He is now involved in a jewelry business in Balochistan,” Lt General Baja said. “His arrest proves that there is network of RAW working in Pakistan. When he was arrested he had the maps of Pakistan, maps of sensitive installments, weapons and other highly sensitive material.

“His responsibility was to establish network of people in Pakistan, send people to India for training and brining them back,” he said.

“He was involved in Mehran Base Attack, murder of M. Aslam, was planning to attack at Gwadar Hotel in Gwadar to target Chinese workers. His future plan was to target CPEC and Gwadar port directly and for this purpose he was suppose to infiltrate 30 to 40 RAW agents in Pakistan. Further he wanted to resurface the ending Balochistan insurgency.”

DG It is the success of ISI and other intelligence agency that have arrested him,” DG ISPR stated. “India is disowning him which was expected from them.”

While answering a question the DG ISPR said it is clear that he is a serving officer of India and further revelations will be made in coming days. “The issue regarding the discussion with Iranian President is clear and I have given the text of the discussion to media,” he said.

Asim Bajwa further said interference in internal matters of Pakistan is violation of law and will be pursued with Indian and global community. “We have never said that Iranian government or their intelligence agencies are involved in terrorism in Pakistan but they have the terrorist elements on their soil which are working against Pakistan and this issue has been discussed with Iranian President,” he said while answering a question. “The border management issue is another important issue being raised with the Iranian head.”

While replying a question about the hotline between DGMOs of Pakistan and India, he told the media that this issue was discussed with the Indian High Commissioner right after this arrest took place. “The information has been passed through intelligence agencies between Pakistan and India,” he said.

While answering about the operation in Punjab, the DG ISPR said “If you are following the recent news, you will know the operation has been started in all parts of the states especially in Punjab. All the sleeper cells, hideouts have been raided and suspicious individuals have been arrested.

“All the security institutes will be used for these operations. Wherever the operation will be needed it will be done. This issue must be raised by the government on every forum including global and regional forums and I appeal to the international community to act against India which is interfering in internal affairs of Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, Pervaiz Rasheed said that all the operations including Zarb-e-Azb are being conducted based on intelligence sources. “On the bases of the gathered information institutions including Police, Rangers or other agencies are used for the operation.”

On question of Yadav’s connections in Karachi the DG ISPR told the media that the interrogation is underway and all the information will be shared with media in the coming days. “The intelligence information regarding the number of terrorists and their operations will be disclosed to media with passage of time as the operation enters the next stage.” Asim Bajwa added.

“We will continue the operation till the end of terrorism.”

Rasheed said that this issue will be raised with India very soon and it will proceed through official channels.