LAHORE (PR) - Former editor Libas, Hello! Pakistan and T.Edit Mehvash Amin has set up a publication house named Broken Leg Publications. Its first publication, The Aleph Review, a yearly anthology of creative writing, had its first launch on March 19th, 2017.

The aim of the book is to publish new talent alongside established names, and the anthology contains essays, short stories, excerpts from upcoming novels, screenplays, interviews, graphic poetry and an obituary.

The cover story this year is on Taufiq Rafat, one of Pakistan’s leading poets writing in English. He is considered the ‘Father of the Pakistani Idiom in English Poetry’.

In fact, Rafat’s seminal essay on the Pakistani Idiom, published just once before in a college magazine in 1968 and subsequently ‘lost’, is published here, alongside supporting articles on Mr Rafat by Kaleem Omar, Khawaja Shahid Hosain, Shaista Sirajuddin and the poet’s son, Seerat Hazir. Broken leg Publications was delighted to feature Najam Sethi, Mr Rafat’s first publisher, as the keynote speaker.

The Review also features Zulfikar Ghose, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Adrian Hussain, Soniah Kamal, Waqas Khawaja, Blaine Marchand, Bina Shah, M. Athar Tahir and Salmaan and Shahbaz Taseer. It also includes interviews with Bapsi Sidhwa, Bilal Tanweer, Shazaf Fatima Haider and Kanza Javed.

There is also accompanying artwork by established artist like Sadequain and Saeed Akhtar, alongwith a host of young artists.

The Publishing House particularly thanked Ejaz Gallery for allowing it to photograph various artists from its exhibitions and archives.

The team consists of Mehvash Amin, Editor in Chief, Ilona Yusuf, Guest Editor as well as Afshan Shafi and Mahboob Ahmad, contributing editors.

The layout was done by Sana Hassan, and the cover design and Logo by Jamil Masud, with a sketch of Taufiq Rafat by Shehryar Amin.

The Aleph Review is particularly grateful for the contributions made by The International Centre for Pakistani Writing in English (ICPWE) under the stewardship of M Athar Tahir, in whose offices the idea of this journal was born.