Twitter hashtag #BalochRejoiceJoiningPak is trending in Pakistan as Baloch and other citizens stress that Balochistan joined Pakistan with its own will. The tweets showcase Balochistan's participation in rejoicing with the rest of the country during this month of March.

The Twitterati say they are countering anti-Pakistan propaganda, being spread by few elements.

The trend comes in the aftermath of the separatist Balochistan Republican Party President Brahumdagh Bugti's tweets on Monday claiming "military annexation" of Kalat and "injustices in Balochistan".

The tweets using the #BalochRejoiceJoiningPak hashtag have pictures, videos and statements showing life in Balochistan, construction of CPEC and how Baloch people celebrated March 23.

Furthermore, Gwadar port establishment and development is being dubbed the ‘project of Balochistan’

Here is Nawab Akbar Bugti, sharing story of Balochistan's annexation with Pakistan