HAFIZABAD-The ruling group in the Hafizabad Municipal Committee staged a walkout from the MC while the opposition leaders claimed the support of 29 out of total 53 councillors and demanded resign from the chairman.

However, the MC chairman claimed that the House unanimously approved the budget for the period January 2017 to June 2017 showing an income of Rs173,746,519.

The joint opposition led by Malik Gulnawaz Phool Awan of PML-N and Syed Asim Bukhari of PTI said that as the ruling group had only 24 members against their 29 councillors in the House, the first meeting of the MC has absolutely flopped. It is strange that the ruling group walked out of the House, they said.

The joint opposition leader while addressing a press conference said that the chairman group has lost majority in the House hence he was morally bound to resign.

Malik Phool and Asim Bukhari produced the copy of attendance register which showed presence of 24 councillors of ruling group while 29 of opposition group. They said that according to the Local Government Ordinance the budget should be approved by 51 percent members present in the meeting.

“Moreover, no resolution has been presented by Speaker/Vice Chairman Khalid Butt in the House before seeking approval of the budget. Most of the figures shown in the budget estimates are bogus,” they claimed. Estimated income has been shown but there was no mention of estimated expenditures, they maintained.

They levelled allegations of several irregularities and bungling in the payment of different heads on the ruling group. They also protested against more than 100% increase in different kinds of taxes which, they said, would further create problems for the vendors. However, the chairman, vice chairman and councillors of ruling group have belied the allegations of opposition group.


The special students deserve more love and affection of teachers to lessen their sense of deprivation and grow them as responsible and useful members of society.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Allah Ditta Warraich stated during a visit to Special Education Centre Pindi Bhattian to review facilities being provided to the children.

On the occasion, he said that the students deserve special attention of teachers and they should be provided best possible curricular and extracurricular facilities. He pointed out that they are not less than normal children.

Later, he visited the under-construction Rescue-1122 Centre and directed the officials concerned to ensure speedy completion of the project so that the rescue centre could be made functional.