Islamabad-Ministry of Capital Administration & Development Division (CADD) is not considering any candidate from the department to promote against the post of Director General (DG) Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), an official said on Tuesday.

A well informed source informed The Nation that minister is not interested to promote any official from the department whose names were shortlisted in the seniority list.

“Possibly an official outside the department will be given the charge of permanent DG FDE,” said source.

According to list, three candidates, including Tanwir Ahmed, Taj Muhammad Bhatti and Zulfiqar Ali as per their seniority were shortlisted from the department for the BS-20 post of DG.

The post of DG was vacant since December last year but CADD top officials remained reluctant to promote any Grade-19 official from three candidates, and gave the additional charge to then Additional Secretary CADD Zafar Nasarullah.

However, Prime Minister (PM) rejected the summary of official and previous Joint Secretary CADD Ayesha Farooq was given the additional charge of DG FDE.

Official said CADD is near to appoint permanent DG FDE but the official will be not promoted from the department.

The non-appointment from the department has become a mystery that why the ministry is avoiding to promote official from inside to the post.

As per rules, in case of non-availability of official from the department, a senior principal from Federal Government (FG) College set-up could be given the charge of DG.

But, since the retirement of previous DG Shehnaz Riaz, CADD has not avail any option of promotional department or appointing any principal to the post on temporary basis.

According to information available with The Nation, Tanwir Ahmed had joined FDE after the 18th amendment while Taj Bhatti and Zulfiqar Rao were promotes of the department.

However, Tanwir Ahmed was absorbed in FDE in 2008 after devolution of ministries but Federal Services Tribunal (FST) in a judgment had said to determine the seniority of the candidate in accordance with the Rule-6 (b) which deals with the issue of seniority of the employees of devolved ministries/divisions.

The judgment said, “The impugned seniority list dated 9 June 2015, was issued in violation of the Seniority Rules, 1993, therefore, the same is declared as void ab initio. The Respondents are directed to fix the inter se seniority of the appellant sin relation to and on the basis of their regular appointment in their devolved Ministries/ Divisions.”

The candidate had also qualified the senior management course which was a requirement for the top administration post at FDE.

Taj Bhatti had also submitted his representation to CADD officials claiming his seniority.

Source informed The Nation that though CADD top officials do not consider the department officials to promote against the vacant post questioning their eligibility, but it is not the case.

“Eligible candidates from the department are available,” said official.

Earlier, an official outside the FDE Moin-ud-Din Wani was also de-notified as DG FDE following the court orders.

Talking to The Nation Public Relations Officer CADD, Ateeq-ur-Rehman said that till now summary of candidate for the appointment of DG FDE has been not moved.

He said that three department officials from FDE are contesting seniority so their names are not being finalised.

“All options are being considered but till now final decision has not been made while the seniority issue amongst department official has not settled yet,” he said.

Around 422 educational institutions are working under FDE and the post of DG FDE fell vacant on December 10 of last year on the retirement of Shehnaz Riaz.

An official at FDF informed The Nation that non-appointment of permanent DG FDE will impact on the implementation of Prime Minister Education Reforms Program (PERP).

“Till the procedure of implementing the program has not been finalised while recent reshuffle in the ministry is also delaying it,” he said.

Official also claimed that appointment of permanent DG FDE was deliberately delayed to pick a favourite person who can steer the PERP according to some sections interests.