LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said the PML-N government is determined to make the country a major economic power.

“Hard work of the government to produce electricity is bearing fruit and by the start of next year, darkness due to electricity loadshedding will be completely eliminated,” the chief minister said while speaking at inauguration of e-Rozgaar Training Programme and first freelancing convention, at Arfa Software Technology Park on Tuesday.

Under this programme, 40 e-Rozgaar centres have been set up in 36 districts where the youngsters will get three-month training to enable them earn a respectable living through online jobs.

The CM vowed more power will be available for industry, livestock, agriculture and programs like e-Rozgaar and Pakistan will be self-sufficient in electricity so much that “if Indian needed electricity, Pakistan will be able to provide surplus electricity to it”.

Shehbaz Sharif said the PML-N government has started mega projects transparently which has no precedence in the past. “These projects are fast heading towards completion. The first phase of the 1200MW Bhikki power plant will be completed in two weeks that will produce 800MW electricity.

“Pakistan will become a great country on account of hard work, speed, transparently and tireless efforts of the government,” he added.

The chief minister said a large portion of our population consists of youth, who are our asset and the major source to change destiny of the country; therefore a number of programmes have been initiated for their financial empowerment which are benefitting thousands of students and skillful youth.

He also stressed the need of a system of monitoring needs to be introduced to monitor how many students are getting jobs. He advised IT adviser Dr Umer Saif to work out a mechanism in this regard.

“If Pakistan and Punjab are to make progress then we have to make our youth engine of this development,” he highlighted and added under the Khadam-e-Punjab Self Employment Program interest-free loans are being provided to the youth.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr Umer Saif said that 60 per cent population of Pakistan consisted of youth which is the harbinger of the bright future of the country.

Provincial ministers Syed Raza Ali Gillani and Jehangir Khanzada also addressed the ceremony and highlighted the importance of e-Rozgaar program.

Moreover, a youngster, Muzmal Arif, who got training from e-Rozgaar, shared with the audience his success story.

Shehbaz hits at rivals in Saraiki style

Showing his love for the people of southern Punjab, Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif addressed a public meeting in Lodhran in Saraiki language on Tuesday.

The CM talking in Saraiki was admired by thousands on the occasion who responded to it by raising slogans: ‘Shehbaz Sharif Zindabad’ and ‘Dekho Dekho Kaun Aaya - Shair Aaya Shair Aaya’.

The CM waved to the crowds to answer these slogans, saying “your warm welcome has proved that the people of southern Punjab and Lodhran are with PML-N.”

He severely criticised ‘Niazi Sahib’ (PTI Chairman Imran Khan) who called Metro Bus as ‘Jangla Bus’ and said he (Khan) has realised the importance of the Metro Bus Project after four years.

He also flayed the leadership of PPP and those who got written-off hefty loans and said that PPP cannot remove garbage of Karachi and now they are showing political stunts.

Calling for accountability of all, Shehbaz Sharif said that he has always given importance to the interests of the people of southern Punjab and left no stone unturned to serve them.

When he asked the participants whether they trusted his statement, many in the public gathering raised their hands in support of the chief minister.

The CM also announced Rs25 billion development package for Lodhran, a large district of Punjab.