SIALKOT -The Sialkot Municipal Corporation decided to ban all kinds of rickshaws in the city to control the traffic mess and ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Mayor Chaudhry Tauheed Akhtar said that the Municipal Corporation has made the decision to ban the rickshaws after discussing the growing traffic issues during a meeting with the local traffic police senior officials.

He said that the rickshaws were the main cause of growing traffic mess in Sialkot city, saying that a big number of the auto rickshaws often jam the traffic in Sialkot city’s almost all the Chowks, main roads and congested industrial and commercial areas by the wrong parking of these rickshaws. He added that more than 70 percent auto rickshaws were being driven by the underage children.

He said that the Municipal Corporation would soon announce a final deadline for the rickshaws and after the deadline expires, the rickshaws would be banned in the city. He said that ban on rickshaws’ entry in Sialkot city would help control the traffic mess.

However, no final deadline for the rickshaws has yet been announced by the Municipal Corporation. Meanwhile, local rickshaws’ drivers have expressed grave concern over the decision to ban the rickshaws. They announced to move the court if the ban was imposed on the rickshaws.