WASHINGTON -  Pakistan's Ambassador to the US Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry has stated that the Haqqani network is neither Pakistan's friend nor proxy.

"We don't want it (Haqqani network) to act against the US or Afghanistan," the Ambassador said.

Speaking to foreign media, Chaudhry said "Those playing with human lives, we are against such elements or activities".

Chaudhry said that Pakistan has successfully fought against terrorists and destroyed their hideouts.

He said that there is no precedence of fighting terrorists as set by Pakistan. He also said that Pakistan has been successful in overcoming the problems that arose from the Afghan Jehad.

He said that the people asking that Pakistan should be declared as a State sponsoring terrorism were sick minded and it has no relevance with reality.

Without naming India, the Ambassador said some people were deliberately raising this issue for the attainment of their petty objectives.

To a question, the ambassador said that Indian delay in negotiations with Pakistan encourages terrorists. "Our message is very clear. We want a peaceful and friendly relationship with India based on mutual respect," he said.

“This is our message for India to promote relations with peaceful environment in the region,” he maintained.

In response to a question about Hafiz Saeed's detention, the Ambassador said: "We don't want anyone from Pakistan to take a negative message abroad."

The envoy was of the view that whenever Pakistan and India wanted to do something in terms of relations, some terrorist activity halted the process, adding, that terrorists get encouragement when India stops the process.

To a question, he said that Pakistan had received coalition support funds.

Afghanistan has long blamed Pakistan for not taking action against Haqqani network sanctuaries on its soil, alleging that this has allowed insurgency there to sustain.

However, earlier this month, Gen Joseph Votel, commander of the US Central Command informed a Congressional panel that Pakistan had “done things” against the Haqqani network that have been helpful to the war against terror.

“They have done some things that have been helpful to us,” he said.

“Most recently, they’ve supported Gen Joseph Nicholson in some places on the border, making sure they were well coordinated and doing the activities on their side of the border.”

“That’s a very positive sign and a move in [the] right direction. And they have done things against the principal concerns we have; the Haqqani network and Taliban,” Gen Votel said.

“But we need that to be more persistent and continue to focus in that particular area. And so, we will continue to engage with partner Pakistan throughout this.”

Gen Votel also explained why Pakistan remains “a critical partner” in the counterterrorism fight.