The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has appointed a doctor as head of Human Organ Transplant Authority (HOTA), subsidiary department of Ministry of Health Services, Regulations & Coordination who is reported to be allegedly involve in mega corruption case of worth Rs 1.80 billion in America.

According to documents received by Online, Dr. Ishtaq A Malik was Nuclear Cardiologist in Washington DC, who submitted fake medical claims. A case of fraud has been filed against him in the court of Colombia (USA). Dr. Ishtaiq had received billions of US dollar for providing fake medical information but he fled away from USA to homeland.

The American government told the court that Dr. Ishtaq Malik had committed corruption worth billions of rupees after submitting fake medical claim adding that he is dishonest person and prayed the court to take severe action against him. In this important case, Marry Land, the American state had become party and its government had also leveled allegations of corruption on him.

The local court said that it would recover the amount of some 17 million US $ from Dr. Ishtaq Malik and return to American people as he collected this amount by using unfair means after the submission of fake medical claim. The court would also receive 5500 US $ from him as penalty.

The court after hearing the arguments of federation and State’s government has announced verdict against Dr. Ishtaq and directed him to return the amount of 17 million US $ to American government as allegations leveled against him have proven.

The PM has appointed a person as head of national organization who was allegedly involve in the corruption of some 17 million US $ in America because the corruption of 17 million US $ before PM has no value.

Federal Minister for Health Saira Afzal Tarar and Secretary Establishment Division have played a vital role in the appointment of Dr. Ishtaq. The leading role was played by Fawad Ahmed Fawad Principal Secretary to PM who issued orders on summery.

Online attempted to contact with Secretary Health and Minister for Health Saira Afzal Tarar to know their stance but both have refused to respond it.

Dr. Ishtaq A Malik said in this regard that it is a fact that American court had conducted a trial against me in fraud case, however it was civil matter.

He further said that he had filed an appeal in American Supreme Court in which American government has withdrawn its case and now matter has been dispose off. He, however could not produce any documentary proof of withdrawing the fraud case by the American government.