MIRPUR (AJK)-During a seminar, the female participants belonging to AJK and Gilgit/Baltistan vowed to continue their collective efforts to resolve their problems, and demanded government’s patronage for the purpose.

“If women are provided such spaces where they can connect with other women and get an insight into the big issues and challenges faced by them, they can better all the segments of women in AJK as well as GB, “ they said at the conclusion of the three-day workshop on ‘Leadership Training for Women’.

It was hosted by the Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR) that concluded at the federal capital late Monday. Around 30 women from all districts of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) and four from Gilgit/Baltistan (GB) attended the moot.

A KIIR spokesperson told this Correspondent Tuesday that main objective of the training was to provide a common platform to the women of AJK and GB where they can identify the issues and challenges and build their capacity to solve the issues and stand up for other marginalized womenfolk.

The aim was also to provide the participants with an opportunity to develop an understanding about the larger social, economic and the political scenario of the state and make effective use of the spaces available to them for the betterment of women. The areas of the training workshop were women’s role and responsibilities, leadership and advocacy, networking, and the governance structure of AJK and GB.

The event marked the participation of women from all 10 districts of AJK and GB having diverse professional backgrounds and experience in the social sector. The participants termed the workshop a life changer event. They said that it was a rare and unique opportunity to interact and connect with a diverse group of women coming from different regions especially from Gilgit/Baltistan. The participants were of opinion that women in developing countries face multiple challenges but in conflict ridden state, the challenges get multiplied.

The concluding ceremony was attended by MLA Naseema wani, Farzaza Yaqoob, Mr Ershad Mehmud and journalist Sardar Amjad Yousaf Khan.

While giving final remarks, organiser of the training Atia Anwer said, “It is my dream to see the women of AJK and GB socially, economically and politically empowered and be treated as asset not a burden.”

Ershad Mehmud appreciated the initiatives made by KIIR and expressed hope that KIIR would continue to provide such platforms to women in future. Ms Farzana said that women have a 51% share of population, and it is extremely important that they are given enough opportunities to contribute. She opined that that the event would prove to be a milestone in this regard. She urged KIIR to continue with further trainings in order to engage more women.

MLA Wani said that women should be given their due share not just in politics but in every sphere of life and be made economically and politically empowered to perform equal and effective role in the national affairs. Expressing satisfaction a good number of AJK and GB women are educated, she said that it is important to tap their potential to the maximum level.

Sardar Amjad Yousaf said that Kashmir Institute of International Relations will continue to organise trainings and workshops for building the capacity of women and will continue efforts for enhancing spaces for women in social, economic and political arenas in AJK.