At least six members of a family, including four children and a teenager girl drowned to death while others managed to save their lives as a boat capsized here on Thursday.

According to INP correspondent, the incident occurred in a private water park near Qazi Ahmad area of Nawabshah where a small boat with more than a dozen people on board capsized.

Six family members Shehnaz 50, Kashish 14, children Ejaz 04, Kanwal 06, Husnain 05 and Siddique 05, drowned to death after a boat they had boarded in a private water facility, overturned.

It is matter of concern that the water facility, spread over acres, was private property with no rescue or emergency arrangements in place.

The bodies were brought to Nawabshah's Peoples Medical University Hospital.

The deceased hailing from Jam Sahab Road, Nawabshah were relatives and including a widow and four orphans.