RAHIM YAR KHAN-The district administration directed Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB) Rahim Yar Khan Campus’ staff to immediately vacate Khawaja Fareed Government Postgraduate College (KFGPC) building, focal person of KFGPC Abdul Ghaffar said.

RYK Deputy Commissioner Socrat Amaan Rana after discussion and consideration of the court directions, said that the district administration ordered the DSP city to act according to the clause of 145, the confiscation of property held illegally and deploy their guards to ensure peaceful shifting of the IUB staff. Deputy Director Colleges Sadia Rasheed said that the IUB officials can take away their belongings without damaging the building within three days in the presence of the security officials and the whole activity would be filmed.

The building will stay in possession of the district government from now on under their lock. The DC will send the report to the competent higher authorities for further action, she said.

Abdul Ghaffar further said that the DC also emphasised the principal of KFGPC to keep calm and disciplined in the college as long as the shifting of the IUB from KFGPC goes on. After the confrontation between guards of the IUB RYK Campus and the students of KFGPC on 24th of March over the long drawn issue of the IUB and KFGPC on the hostel, the meeting was held to resolve the dispute once for good. It was an ominous threat to the peace and security of the institutions and the general public.

Abdul Ghaffar said that IUB RYK Campus Director Dr Shakir Ghazali said that they cannot exit from the premises of the KFGPC because the ladies members of the faculty are residing there. Ghazali also expressed his displeasure on the fact that their luggage and belongings like iron, clothes, laptops and books were carried away and destroyed by the KFGPC students which amounts to millions of rupees.

KFGPC principal Dr Ajmal refuted the accusations being baseless. He said the IUB owes KFGPC a huge amount of Rs30 million in terms of rent assessed by the Punjab buildings department. Around 10 representatives from different law enforcing agencies, IUB and KFGPC participated in the meeting.