I would like to draw the attention towards the prevalent education system in Gwadar. The school curriculum awaits revision despite concerns raised by relevant stakeholders. The students are learning about outdated scientific inventions, which makes them a slow learner compared to their counterparts.

The level of corruption in Gwadar`s education system has crossed all reasonable limits of corruption in the country. Events of officials bribed and exam leakages are quite prevalent. Altogether with poor invigilation and lack of a fair marking system enhances a student`s motivation to cheat and deeply embed him or herself into the corrupt regime. The fact is due to the level of corruption, talented individuals who belong to a rather poor background with low financial support fail to excel and prove their worth to the world. When these students pursue higher education, they fail to compete with their university fellows due to a weak educational background.

There is a need to revise the curriculum to a formidable extent. It is due to such revisions that the educational standard may enhances. With lack of concrete steps, Gwadar might as well remain a backward area with an alienated education system. It is my humble request to the concerned authorities to look into this matter and act appropriately for the sake of Gwadar.


Gwadar, March 9.