Pakistan automobile industry revolves around three big name i.e. Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, and they have created a monopoly in the automobile sector very dominantly for half a century.

These companies introduce new models every year by modifying few features, or sometimes with no innovation in comparison to the previous variant. The supreme examples are the current models of Suzuki Mehran and Honda City, which have continued for almost two decades showcasing only slight upgradation in exterior design and mechanical technology. These cars also have many safety issues i.e. no air bags installed, no ABS system, no collision protections, and no smart entry.

On the other hand, Toyota Corolla provides some better facilities than others, but the price of Corolla is way higher than its production value. This automobile mafia is looting us continuously by setting unjustifiable prices on these scrap cars.

The Government of Pakistan and Supreme Court should set up an accountability institution for these industries in order to control the sky-rocketing price on vehicles every year, despite no major dynamic change in contrast to previous versions.


Karachi, March 10.