On 29th march, 2019, Hammas formed the Palestinian National Government. This move came in after the Palestinian elections in January where Hammas was able to defeat the secular party, Fatah. Fatah had dominated Palestinian politics for decades and had the support of then President Mahmoud Abbas. The Hammas lead cabinet could not work out well as international powers severed ties considering Hammas to be a terrorist organization.

Despite formation of government, Hammas continued its armed struggle with Israel, which lead to a massive internal conflict in Palestine, the worst one in history. Soon after Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh took charge, fighting broke out between Hammas, Fatah, until the ongoing conflict came to an end with Fatah-Hammas Mecca, an agreement brokered by Saudi Arabia in 2007.

As of today Hammas and Fatah, still eye for the Palestinian Authority, the pro negotiation Fatah and armed Hammas have come eye to eye over the years with their official narrative on Israel. The Fatah- Hammas strife, known as a conflict within a conflict is yet to be fully resolved after serious of reconciliations.