LONDON (GN) - Iceland’s Wow Air has stopped flights, stranding thousands of passengers. Its website says Wow Air has ceased operations and cancelled all flights. Wow says passengers needing to travel should book with other airlines. The carrier, which had been in funding talks with investors, flew from London Stansted and Gatwick in the UK.

It said some airlines may offer flights at a reduced rate, so-called rescue fares, and it would publish information on those when it becomes available.

The travel editor of the Independent, Simon Calder, said in these situations. other airlines would step in as they did not seek to make money out of “a bad situation”. He said passengers should not spend “a fortune on alternative flights unless you were in a real hurry”.

Airlines including Wizz Air, Easyjet and Norwegian were offering flights, he added. Norwegian said that repatriation fares would be available at a 25% discount, subject to availability, as long as passengers could show a valid Wow Air booking. These would be available until April 8. One affected passenger was Aoife O’Dwyer, who was due to go on honeymoon to Iceland on Saturday with her wife, Jen.