ISLAMABAD                -              Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Muhammad HamzaShafqaat has appealed to the residents to stay at home for at least another 10-15 days to prevent spread of Coronavirus.  

In his message for the residents on the Facebook page, the Deputy Commissioner said that for the prevention of the pandemic, the authorities have started testing the suspects.

“We traced them [COVID-19 suspects], traced their contacts and then launched field surveillance so that the virus doesn’t spread further,” he said.

The Deputy Commissioner said that a pattern emerged in BharaKahu which alerted the authorities.

He said that food is being ensured to the residents of sealed areas including BharaKahu. He, however, said that those who want to proceed for Kashmir and Murree via BharaKahu will find the road open.

He said that a campaign for disinfection of the area has also been started. He hoped that the people with the cooperation of the masses will defeat the virus.

The Deputy Commissioner said that three quarantines have been set up at Pak-China Friendship Centre, Hajj Complex and in sector I-9 which are isolated places in the city.

The medical staff is also in proper protective gear so that they are not infected.

He said medical, energy, and food supplies shops are open and also appealed to the public not togo for panic buying.

He asked the residents to remain at home.  He was satisfied that there were only two suspects in sectoral areas of the capital while out of the rest, 15 suspects were not local. They were part of tableegi team or returned to the country from abroad, he added.

He said that through hectic efforts and surveillance, the authorities have succeeded in stopping local transmission of the virus. He said not a single positive case has emerged so far in the capital.

He sought public cooperation for at least 10 more days and asked them to follow the SOPs. He was hopeful that by that time, health infrastructure will also improve and they would be in a better position to cater the patients.