PESHAWAR                -                Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, af­ter announcing a relief package worth Rs 32.billion for the vul­nerable segment of society in view of the prevailing situation of Corona, has also indicated for giving special incentives to the employees including health workers, rescue workers, po­lice personnel and others fight­ing the corona pandemic on the frontlines.

In a statement issued here yesterday, the Chief Minister said that his government is se­riously considering of giving special incentives to such em­ployees as a gesture of encour­agement and support adding that the provincial government highly values the selfless ser­vices of those employees who are striving hard to save others at the risks of their own lives.

Mahmood Khan termed those employees as real heroes in the fight against coronavirus and remarked that the provincial government would recognize their services and all possible support would be extended to them.

“If any of the employees gets affected by Corona in the line of duty and loses his life, the pro­vincial government would sup­port his/her family to the max­imum level”, Mahmood Khan maintained.

The Chief Minister also ex­pressed his gratitude for the owners of shopping plazas, markets and restaurants for their cooperation with govern­ment in keeping their setups closed as precautionary steps to control the outbreak of coro­navirus.

He also thanked the gener­al public for maintaining maxi­mum social distancing and min­imizing social contacts in the prevailing situation.