Binge-watching is the practice of watching multiple episodes of any programme in rapid succession, typically by means of digital streaming but it can have a variety of negative effects on a person’s mental and physical well-being. People who self-identify as binge-watchers reported higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. I am a student and as much as I like to binge-watch, It also takes me away from studying, which as a university student I do an excessive amount of.

Sometimes people watch more than 6 episodes at night and realise its 4 a.m. and they’re like, ‘Oh, damn, I should’ve gone to sleep.’ That’s where excessive watching can become problematic on a variety of levels. Most notably, it can be a behavior that leads to obesity. If you’re sitting there binge-watching for six hours, not only are you sedentary but you’re probably also eating whatever is in front of you and not thinking about it. All that mindless eating can lead to weight gain and depression.

There are a number of ways to ward off negative effects of binge-watching which is also necessary. We should exercise daily and make sure that we are getting a good sleep. There should be any physical activity in life to avoid binge-watching effects.


Wah Cantt.


Freedom for women


Oh, men of the nation be aware of your ways. You don’t have all the right or power to impose some restriction on her. If a woman is educated, belongs to a good family, fulfils your responsibilities and desires and takes care of your family. It’s a big thing because she knows how to respect and manage all these things.

Before you marry her, ask yourself why you want to marry? And how will you give her freedom? Because if you don’t give her freedom, she lives with you physically but not mentally. Trust her, give her time and freedom because if you give your time, freedom and love will come in your daughter’s life and this will happen when you treat your woman in a positive way. Please stop all these things because women are beautiful creatures who are created by God. She’s your wife who let go of her family just for you and she is the one who faces difficulty, to generate your family and making you happy. So in every situation of her life, give her time and freedom and ask her what you want from me. Then the time of love, peace and mental happiness begins.




Degree versus knowledge


In Pakistan, the teaching techniques upon which our whole education system is running presently, have vanished from the world for long.

Our children have to carry heavy school bags bearing course book, homework and schoolwork copies, drawing pencils, markers and uncountable accessories and lots of anxieties. Despite having degrees, because of this in a modern period, our children are knowledgeless.

The time has come to review our education system and apply the latest techniques of teaching.




The irony


Such had been the power of this virus that has united none less than the mankind itself - such had been its prevailing force. Violation of a million souls in Myanmar, denying the right of citizenship to Indian natives living there for generations, inhuman detention of a people in Xinjiang these all just because of their ideology. Injustices around the world – and countries’ own domestic injustices - after all had not been the uniting force as this fear of death. Only if we had known the existence of the coming and yet enduring life. This understanding could change the life we live and the life that moves us. Alas!