ISLAMABAD-Three-time Gourmand Award winner, and Pakistan’s leading independent publishing house Markings Publishing, helmed by Kiran Aman, proudly launches its first global outreach project titled “OUR MARKINGS 2020” - a photographic journey through COVID-19, a testimony to life during self and social isolation.

Indeed, in these unprecedented times amid COVID-19, Kiran aims to unite the community to find communal strength and perseverance by joining hands on one platform to document the shifting values in the current times. Committed towards uplifting mankind’s morale, Markings Publishing is inviting everyone to send in photographs that depict what one feels, sees, or thinks, to initiate the live case history for “OUR MARKINGS 2020”. Markings Publishing has already received global entries from New York, Dar es Salaam, Doha, Jaipur, Dubai, Haryana, Karachi, Jeddah, Boston and Lahore to name a few, including pictures taken and submitted by award winning actress Mahira Khan, the legendary musician Faisal Kapadia of Strings and Selina R. Khan, CEO of Lotus PR.

These submissions will be compiled in a book, which will document the journey through this time. The Markings team will shortlist the most powerful entries which will be published in “OUR MARKINGS 2020”, whilst the remaining images will be shared across social media, crediting the respective photographer(s).