ISLAMABAD-NASA has shared the first pictures showing its new all-electric X-57 Maxwell plane that will be quieter and up to 500 per cent more efficient than conventional aircraft. It will be the first manned X-plane produced by NASA in two decades and is designed to help develop standards for future all-electric aircraft. The X-57 Maxwell started life as a four-seater Tecnam P2006T conventional light aircraft that had its piston engines replaced with 12 electric motors. NASA says it has bespoke skinny wings that will boost efficiency by reducing drag in flight and has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to provide power.

The artist concept images shows the planes in their final of four configurations worked on by NASA since it was first conceived. The aircraft has been developed by a team of engineers, researchers, pilots, visual artists, and many other people at NASA. It gets its takeoff and landing propulsion from 12 high-lift electric motors on the edge of the wing before wingtip propellers take over when in flight. These are just prototype artist impressions, rather than the completed plane.