ISLAMABAD                   -             Federal Government Service (FGS) Polyclinic Hospital on Saturday quarantined around 30 doctors and suspended its Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) services after one of its doctors was tested positive with novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Officials informed The Nation that after the doctor, a janitor was also tested positive for COVID-19 and health authorities moved to isolate his entire family.

Officials also said that senior doctor supervising the one found positive with the virus has been isolated at his home.

Meanwhile, the hospital administration also shifted nearly 30 doctors from hospital’s hostel to H-9 quarantine center sending their samples to National Institute of Health (NIH) for COVID-19 tests. Officials at FGS Polyclinic hospital and NIH said that the authorities are blank about tracing the contact from where the Polyclinic doctor was infected with the virus.

“The infected doctor was not attending OPD for last one week,” said officials.

Officials also informed that the doctor does not have any travelling history.

“FGS Polyclinic took risk of not closing the OPD. Resultantly, a doctor has been infected with the virus,” they said.

“It’s a blind case from where he was infected,” said officials.

Officials also said that around 5,000 patients daily visit OPD while the hospital staff was not provided with Personal Protection Equipment timely and finally the administration itself started manufacturing masks and sanitizers. Officials informed that the doctor tested positive with COVID-19 was from GilgitBaltistan (GB) and residing in the hospital hostel.

“He has been shifted in the isolation ward of Polyclinic, but now all the staff is on risk,” said officials.

The FGS Polyclinic has above 450 doctors and around 800 paramedics. Spokesperson FGS Polyclinic Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed said the doctor found positive of COVID-19 was a trainee in Polyclinic and has completed its training.

He said that it is not known from where he got the virus, however, the hostel has been sealed and all of his contacts have been quarantined. Polyclinic hospital spokesperson said that around 25 persons in the doctor’s contact have been quarantined.

Meanwhile, in-charge quarantine center Dr. Siraj talking to The Nation said that nearly 30 doctors have been quarantined in I-9 center of OGDCL.

He said that samples of all doctors are being sent to NIH and reports will be received in two days and further decision will be taken after receiving of the reports.  He also said that the contact history of the infected doctor is unknown adding that entire hospital needs to be tested for COVID-19.