Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that "Punjab Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Ordinance 2020" has been promulgated which will enable Government of Punjab to take all necessary measures to prevent and protect public from the dangerous coronavirus.

On his twitter account, CM Buzdar said that the ordinance has been promulgated keeping in view the emergency situation in Punjab. He also tweeted important points of the ordinance.

According to the ordinance, if the epidemic spreads, private doctors and hospitals can be ordered to treat patients of the epidemic. The government can impose any kind of ban anywhere including banning people from sending their children to schools or gatherings. The government will also have the authority to make decisions about burial and transportation of dead bodies of the patients.

Ordinance further empowers the government to impose sanctions on various festivals and gatherings. The ordinance allows the government to close any premises and stop entry and exit at place. The Deputy Commissioner shall have the authority to restrict any type of movement in certain areas for a specified period, transfer any sick or infectious person to specific places.

Government will also be allowed to screen masses anywhere. Every citizen is responsible to report ill people to certified medical officers and penalties will be imposed in case of non-implementation.

Violation of any clause will result in two months imprisonment and fine of Rs50,000. Violation of more than one clause will lead to six months imprisonment and fine of Rs0.1 million. A fine of up to Rs0.2 million will be imposed on an institution for first time violation.

For patients receiving treatment at a quarantine center or some other facility, first escape attempt will lead to six months imprisonment and a fine of 50,000. A second escape attempt will lead to an 18 months imprisonment and fine of up to Rs0.1 million.