Our nation has been passing through a very critical time for the past several months. There appears to be no chance of facing the challenges we have if we move with the current pace. With the coming in of new government, people had hoped they would wrought new changes in their lives in terms of better living standards, employment opportunities and peace and would free them from the tyrannies and traumas of the past. We have had the worst instead. Soaring prices of items of daily use have broken the back of the downtrodden and marginalized section of the society. People find it difficult to make even both ends meet. Prime minister's hundred days package has still not benefited the nation despite the passing of one and half month. The government should take real and practical measures for fulfilling the vows it has committed. It needs to think sincerely about reinstatement of deposed judges because justice is the basic pillar of democracy. All political parties of the country should unite behind the government for making collective efforts for national progress. -ISHFAQUE RUSTAMANI, Wahi Pandhi, Dadu, via e-mail, May 14.