For a group of professional, highly educated and logical people, mob rule should be an anathema - a negation of all they stand for. A lawyer's job is to calm inflamed passions in order to effect settlements between warring factions/ people in a court of law. But our lawyers seem to have wholeheartedly accepted the mantle of a wild-eyed mob. How is it that a movement to restore the unfairly sacked judges of Pakistan degenerated into what it is today - a movement taken over by a few spotlight-grabbing men who need to have an impassioned mob surrounding them in order to boost their own worth. Instead of calming things down they offer dire predictions of what leaders "really mean" when they say the judges shall be restored. Instead of allowing themselves to be led by the nose, the lawyers of Pakistan should use their own intelligence to read the current situation and respond accordingly. Every single group, party, faction in our country has made compromises in order to effect a direly needed reconciliation because this is the need of the hour. Why do you stand apart refusing to offer patience, flexibility or understanding? The tactics that were so admirable when used against the military ruler and his puppet regime are not half so attractive when used against a democratically elected coalition government. Change them before you are forced to give back all the gains you have made both for your cause and in the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan. -RAANA SHAH, Karachi, via e-mail, May 15.